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Never flown a small plane before?
Ready to start your flight training but you want to see what it's all about first?
Take your first Discovery Flight.

Corona, California
Local weather: 29°C / 83°F
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Price from: $185

Experience what it’s like to fly an aircraft

A Discovery Flight is essentially a regular 30 or 60 minutes flight lesson under the supervision of a Certified Flight Instructor right next to you. During the flight, you will be treated just like a regular student pilot and you can actually control a Cessna 172 training aircraft from the pilot's seat.
You will be also involved in all the pre-flight and post-flight duties such as route planning, aircraft inspections and debriefing normally completed by pilots.
You'll get to log the flight as you would a regular lesson, and get a chance to see how much you enjoy flying. Discovery Flight is also a good opportunity to chat with other students and flight instructors and learn more about flying as a career.
We welcome and encourage you to take a passenger along for the ride.

Aircraft Type Available for Discovery Flights

Cessna 172

With over 35,000 planes built, Cessna 172 is the world’s most popular general aviation aircraft!

  • $185 for 30 minutes Discovery Flight
  • $205 for 60 minutes Discovery Flight

* These prices already include applicable taxes and fuel surcharges. Discovery Flight must to be paid in advance.